Perseverance: Positive or Negative?

We will only view perseverance as positive if we have vision beyond the difficulty and can see what God's is wanting to produce through that trial.

Multi-Generational Covenants

If blessings and curses are multi-generational then what does that say about our covenant with God and our spouse?

Exploring the Deity of Jesus

If a Muslim told you Jesus never said he was God what would you say? Explore with me the MANY sound Biblical reasons why we can confidently declare Jesus is God.

The doctrine of Hell and eternal judgement

Why are some Christian leaders walking away from the doctrine of Hell and eternal judgement? Join me in looking at what the Bible has to say about Hell and judgement.

Holiness and the 21st century Christian

Holiness and the 21st century Christian. How do we pursue holiness and have confidence before God in the midst of moral decline?

"What is my strength that I should wait, and what is my end that I should endure"
Job 6:11